At a cross roads in life?

Feel worn out and lacking focus?

Want to find a better you?

  • Improve your confidence and self belief make decisions faster
  • Stay calm and cope with anxiety, guilt and fear
  • Make positive changes and create balance
  • Say what you really want
  • Live your life your way
  • Find direction, purpose, passion and enthusiasm
  • Realise your true potential and let your true self shine
  • Improve all of your relationships

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As a licensed Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® trainer and self-esteem coach, Nicky Valantine facilitates these motivating and fun workshops, calling on a wealth of life and management experience.

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And your investment in this remarkable package? Just £120 and your desire to create the life you want.

You can change your life with either 2 intensive half day workshops, or over a 5 week course
Both deliver all you need to achieve the life you need.

For more information on dates, times or to book your place please call me on 07703 101 676 or email

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This is your chance to take part in a life changing event, we want to empower as many people as possible – and we know that some people will find it difficult to commit – so we offer a no quibble money back guarantee: if you don’t think we’ve done a fantastic job you get your cash back. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

“Get out of your own way!”

      “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in own sunshine” Ralph Waldo Emerson       Sometimes in life we need to reach and  ask for help. When I asked  my good friend and coach ”what am I not seeing?”  she said to me ”Nicky….Get out of your own way darl!” .  I paused, thought …

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Feel The Fear And Be Your Best Self Anyway....

Feel the Fear and be your best self anyway….

Workshop Details Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® 21st November 2015 Do you know what lights you up? Are you being the best you can be? Are you being the highest, truest expression of yourself? Would you like some or all of the above and maybe more? This workshop will help you get on track to finding your answers. …

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Wise ways to create change in you…

Are you clever or wise?… if the answer is wise and you want to learn how to create some changes in you, then my workshops are a good place to start. WHY? Because taking action is where it all begins……….. Click; Ring; 07703101676 Email;  Knowing you made a wise move….Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway®    Yours …

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Who Am I

Who am I?

Today I was having a lower self moment ;-( well actually it was a very long moment  that actually taking over large chunks of my days.  My chatterbox had dug it’s high heels in and my inner champion had left my view just like the Olympics. So I ask myself  ”what will help me?” that what turned into who and …

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Learn how to handle your fears and release your true potential!

Would you like to ……. Increase your motivation and passion for life. Have more focus and direction. Improve your confidence and self-belief. Give yourself strategies to make decisions faster. Give yourself skills to stay calm every day and cope with anxiety, guilt and fear. Learn how to make positive changes in your life and create balance. Enhance your assertiveness skills …

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Note To Self

Feeling the Fear at Wortley Hall Sheffield

We had a brilliant 1 day workshop at Wortley Hall, Sheffield. We all Felt the Fear and did it Anyway! Well Done everyone for giving some of most valuable thing you have …your time and energy. Most of all for trusting in self and building your emotional resilience. It’s so wonderful to share such simple tools and see them being formulated into life long fear- busting strategies. …

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Is life passing you by? Are you frustrated with your lot? Having trouble deciding what you want and getting it sorted?

Hi, Another working week nearly finished, is life passing you by? Are you frustrated with your lot? Having trouble deciding what you want and getting it sorted? Do you want to find out how YOU can get back in your own driving seat?  Would YOU like to increase your motivation and passion for life, have more focus and direction? Attached …

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Susan Jeffers

I love this interview with Susan Jeffers about feeling the fear

Rolonda Watts chats with Susan Jeffers

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Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® Workshops

 ‘Living is taking chances, and Feel the Fear …and Do It Anyway® has helped so many people, both men and women to achieve success.’ Louise Hay  Based on the international best selling book by Susan Jeffers. Feel the Fear …and Do It Anyway® has sold over 12 million copies worldwide and is now available as a hands on and practical workshop.  Blending together the …

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Positive thinking creates a positive life when you take action!